At Timelab, we create films about the most magnificent cities and events of the world, work in tough conditions and make art, which shows the beauty of human creation and nature combined. We have worked since 2010 and want to leave our print in the global history of videography. Our videos are loved by millions of viewers from around the globe and praised by other professionals. Some of our partners for the videos are The New York Times, BBC, National Geographic, FIFA, and many more. As DJI official ambassadors, we create films with their professional equipment. We are known to make any commercial projects look like works of art.

Currently, we are set on exploring all the worthy locations around the world, with our close plans being African wildlife experience and wonders of modern Chinese skyscrapers architecture. We are open to all the projects you have to offer and we can turn even the dullest idea into a magnificent creation adored by many. Love it? Let's work on this together! ❤️
Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, airports halls, The World Tourism Organization congress, Forbes...
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