Istanbul Airport
Director: Andrew Efimov
Production: Timelab
Istanbul Airport as a new main character for Timelab brand new project. A video in unique Timelab stylistic include all branded stages: magic hour filming, perfect composition of the shots, author's music, branded Timelab edit and color grading, upgraded with FPV technology for drone flights.

Terms: 3 months
Budget: ~65 000 US $ - 75 000 US $
Duration: from 2 to 3 mins
Detailed terms
1 visit
director and drone pilot for location checking
2 weeks
creating detailed storyboard and filming preparation
7 days
2 months
postproduction: edit, color grading, sound producing, original music writing etc.
~65 000-75 000 US $

~21 000 US $ Drone filming
~10 000 US $ Backstage filming
~15 000 US $ Postproduction
~19 000 US $ Logistic
Iflight ProTek60 Pro FPV Drone which allow to carry heavy professional camera and provides ultimate safety which is the most important thing to fly inside the building and near the planes

Red Komodo camera which provide professional quality footage with amazing color diapason and great image definition

SteadXP technology with unique space and time stabilization technology which is unreleased yet, but which Timelab has access to (worked with it on the latest Indonesian project)