The Istanbul presets bundle
This bundle contains all colour correction presets for Lightroom and Camera Raw (.xmp) that we used for our project "Istanbul. Love of the continents".

The atmosphere and architecture of the capital of Turkey. The patterns of lights and shadows that merge with the ensemble of historical and modern buildings. And of course the breathtaking sunsets which are very unique here. All this inspired us to create our special palette of colours. We had to increase the contrast of colour and brightness to deliver the emotions one experiences while filming the incredible Istanbul. Because it is the view through the prism of the enchanted person's eyes that allows us to see the beauty in the most familiar sceneries, even to those who live here for a very long time. And if you are new to Istanbul - you should certainly visit all these places and compare your own vision to ours.

Our colour correction is not an interpretation of reality. We do not aim to deliver the picture as it naturally is. Our most powerful tool is our emotional experience. And we want to share it by enhancing the dramatic effect of these views.

Use this possibility to fill your shots with the atmosphere of our works. These presets release their maximum potential with RAW shots of landscapes and cityscapes made during the golden hour.
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