Salt of the Earth
Scriptwriter and director: Sergei Debizhev
Production: Timelab
Salt of the Earth: A large-scale spectacular film about unique salt deposits and salt mining around the world

Terms: 1,5 years
Budget: ~2 mln. US$ (+-0,5 mln, depend on the number of countries)
Locations: ~10 countries
Duration: from 60 to 90 mins
Detailed terms
2-4 weeks
Concept and detailed cost estimation
2 months
Scriptwriting and filming authorizations
6-7 months
filming in ~10 countries: highly depend on a season, weather and geopolitical conjuncture
6-7 months
postproduction: edit, color grading, sound producing, music writing, orchestra and voiceover recording
~1,5-2,5 mln US $

Rude cost estimation based on our expertise of international filming and similar reference projects:

"Human" by Yann Arthus-Bertrand: 13 mln. €
"Home" by Yann Arthus-Bertrand: 10 mln. €
"Samsara" by Ron Fricke: 4 mln. US $
"Aquarela" by Victor Kossakovsky: 2 mln. €
This is not a final list of locations. After deep research some locations could be added and some could be delisted, because of impossibility of filming.
  • Bolivia
    World famous salt lakes
  • Republic of Niger
    Colorful salt lakes in the middle of Sahara desert
  • Ethiopia
    Ethiopia's Dallol volcano's colorful ponds
  • Tanzania
    Alkaline salt lake of tectonic endoreic
  • Republic of Uganda
    Black salt hand mining in Uganda
  • Russia
    Verhnekamskoe underground deposit of salt in Perm krai
  • Pakistan
    Famous Himalayan salt which named "pink gold"
  • Italy
    High tech underground salt mining in Sicily
  • Republic of Senegal
    Hand mining in the water
  • France
    Brittany, Guérande Peninsula, mining the most expensive salt in the world
  • Morocco
    The ancestral tradition of salt mining in the Morocco's Atlas mountains
  • Canada
    Sacred spotted lake redeemed by the Indians