The first full-length DJI Film
Let's make a serious kind of art documentary and the creative process. Let's create the new "Samsara"
A 1.5-hour non-narrative art documentary spanning ten different countries, focusing on salt and the people who mine it
Salt mining offers the opportunity for breathtaking drone shots that will captivate audiences
- Create a project that will leave a lasting mark in history
- Unleash the potential of drones in filmmaking
- Participate in prestigious film festivals
Film festivals, streaming services, cinema
1,5 years
Bujet: ~$1.5-2.5 million USD

Create 10 spectacular vlogs detailing the making of our art documentary
The vlogs will be divided evenly: 50% showcasing behind-the-scenes footage and the other 50% featuring artistic shots
- Warming up the film premiere
- Provide marketing content for 3+ years ahead
- Promote the free-spirited lifestyle of drone enthusiasts
- Highlight the capabilities of DJI equipment
YouTube, Airvuz, Bilibili, Instagram, TikTok
Terms: 3 years
Bujet: ~$XXX million USD
Approx list of countries
  • Bolivia
    World famous salt lakes
  • Niger
    Colorful salt lakes in the middle of Sahara desert
  • Ethiopia
    Ethiopia's Dallol volcano's colorful ponds
  • Tanzania
    Alkaline salt lake of tectonic endoreic
  • Republic of Uganda
    Black salt hand mining in Uganda
  • Russia
    Verhnekamskoe underground deposit of salt in Perm krai
  • Pakistan
    Famous Himalayan salt which is named "pink gold"
  • Italy
    High tech underground salt mining in Sicily
  • Senegal
    Hand mining in the water
  • France
    Brittany, Guérande Peninsula, mining the most expensive salt in the world
  • Morocco
    The ancestral tradition of salt mining in the Morocco's Atlas mountains
  • Canada
    Sacred spotted lake redeemed by the Indians