Ground filming
We have expert knowledge and connections with the best professionals in the industry and the best equipment from Sony Alfa to Red Ranger and Arri Alexa.
Hymn to the Great city
Hymn to the Great city is our full-length documentary completely made by our production team. This film is the first experience of large-scale visualization. The film is an integral artistic creation with internal drama, uniquely complicated shooting and use of latest achievements in the technology of representation. St. Petersburg is depicted vividly, powerfully and expressively. The spectators will appreciate the size of the city, its magnificence and unique elevations used during the shooting. It is a new view, absolutely unprecedented, allowing the spectators to see St. Petersburg in a new way. Unusual viewpoints, different states of nature and different lighting create an essentially new feeling of the space that used to be known.
Logistics and on-site shooting costs
Transfer (automobiles included)
Transfer by our crew on their own cars. Additional cost for sites located more than100 kms away from the city is 1 euro/km. For long-term projects, the team can travel to sites up to 3000 km away from St. Petersburg.
Additional costs during expeditions
Down time caused by weather or other unpredictable reasons, or a moving day is charged as 50% of a full shift. Additional luggage costs can be discussed separately.
A full shooting shift is 10 hours. Accommodation is required in a hotel not lower than 4* (if available on site). Meals are required at least 3 times a day.
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